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China Attesting Services 

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China Attesting Services (中國公証人服務)


Ms Chloe Lee is a China appointed attesting officer (中國委托公証人) appointed by the Chinese Ministry of Justice of the People's Republic of China (PRC) and is authorized to attest and certify acts, matters and documents of legal significance occurring or emanating from HK for use in the Mainland.


Our China Attesting Services (中國公証人服務) include document preparation and attesting of :

  • Declaration for intended marriage (bachelor certificate) or divorce in the Mainland

  • Declaration in support of an application to relocate family members / relatives from the Mainland to HK

  • Declaration for the inheritance or giving up of the inheritance of an estate and probate matters

  • Declaration for the adoption of children from the Mainland

  • Power of Attorney for various purposes, include:

Appointing solicitors to conduct legal proceedings in the Mainland

Appointing attorney in the sale and purchase of properties in the Mainland

  • Certifying corporate information of HK companies for trading and investments in the Mainland, include:

Company registration and business registration particulars

Directors' and / or shareholders' resolutions, board minutes

Documents issued by government authorities

  • Application for CEPA ( Close Economic Partnership Arrangement) service provider certificates etc

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